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The Everyday Collection:
In 5 Personifications

Just like her most loyal, understanding, helpful, complementary group of friends
- The Everyday Collection is her support system.

But, what if each bra in the collection had it's own personality, what would it be like? Who would bring what to the table?

Let's meet the squad.

Bra Personalities
1. The Confidant
Sculpt: Has your back (and your boobs) when you just needs to be held. She's the most trustworthy of the group and she knows it.

Sculpt Bra

Muse Bra 
3. The Socialite
Sheer: She is your go -to weekend warrior.
The party is at hers and the theme is flirty-casual.

4. The Loyal One
Pose Underwire: The silent cheerleader out of the crew - she is truly the most supportive, she's always been there for you and always will be.

Pose Underwire
5. The Sweetheart
Ballet: The softie in the group.
Her sweetest, kindest most nurturing besty.