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Become a Test Wearer


Did you know that we test all of our bras on hundreds of women?

Whether we're designing new styles or continually improving our existing products, we depend on the feedback of our test wearers to help us make our products comfortable and stylish.

Our Test Wear Program runs out of our head office in Toronto, Canada. If you are interested in becoming a part of this program, we’d love to hear from you!

How to become a Test Wearer

Once you submit your information in the form below, should you be selected as a Test Wearer, you will be contacted to set up a date and time for a professional fitting. Please note that if you are pregnant or nursing, the ideal time for us to begin this process is from the third trimester to eight months post-partum.

What’s involved in a test wearer fitting

Please note: some in-person fits may be required. Please know we are taking health precautions during fits seriously and will require a health screening before the fit will take place. All measures to social distance as much as possible during in-person fit have been implemented