Made To Last

Bras that sit in your drawers for years, not in the landfill.

We aren’t about fast-fashion. Our extensive development process ranges from fabric sourcing to color testing to thorough washing to boost durability. This meticulous approach translates into high-quality garments that can withstand everyday wear, so they can be enjoyed by women for longer periods of time, therefore reducing the waste and helping our environment.

Some women have told us they’ve been wearing our bras for 7 years! That’s a lot of wearing and washing but that’s okay, because we’ve done that test and many others to ensure our products withstand the wearability over time.

52 Washes

Our spin cycle is always on

Surprisingly washing is harder on your bra than wearing it. That’s why we put all of our bras through a rigorous 52 wash quality test at the final stage of product development. This 52 wash test simulates 1 year of use. We require that the Bra is just as good after the 52nd wash as it was before the 1st. We just really, really want your bra to be there for you every day.

Tried and Tested

Let’s be real, your bras will most likely be the most worn garment in your wardrobe so we’ve taken the around-the-clock wear experience into consideration by putting our bras and their components through multiple performance tests –in fact, up to 50 tests are considered– to ensure our bras will last a very long time, meaning less waste for the environment and longer comfort for you.

Just to name some of the tests we do:



Color fastness

Fiber analysis



One-to-one feedback everyday

We know it’s not just about us – we listen to moms each and every day. As part of our Test Wear Program, women around the Greater Toronto Area are invited to our head office to test wear our products over a specified timeframe and offer their invaluable feedback. Our database has grown to over 3,000 women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds that help to refine our designs and define our size charts, so that you are getting the best possible fit and experience.

Designed To Fit

A good bra should never compromise on comfort and fit.

Knowing women are wasting their money and walking around in ill-fitted bras that end up in our landfills after a few wears, drives our passion with ensuring the right fit, every time. Early on, we mastered the craft of fitting pregnant and breastfeeding women who needed comfort the most, especially as their bodies change. Through many prototypes and body types, we applied real testimonies and global learnings to create bras that provide support and hug the body. Not only does this lead to a better fit and overall experience, higher satisfaction and fewer returns, but ultimately, it helps our consumers wear their bras longer, and helps us keep unused bras out of our landfills and reducing our environmental impact.

Designed By Women, For Women

Simply put, we are obsessed with fit. Powered by our all-female Design teams, our shared challenges and frustrations with other bras drive our passion to create the best-fitting bras, with the goal of finding the perfect balance of comfort, support and style.

A World Of Knowledge

We love to talk to our women around the world on an ongoing basis to broaden our understanding of their ever-changing needs. We’ve heard from more than 7,000 women that shared what they look for in comfort, fit and quality. We use these insights to continually improve our designs to ensure we are offering only the best products to moms.

Global Standards

We hold our products to globally recognized standards, testing along every step of product development to ensure our garments are compliant to the strictest criteria and auditing our production to ensure product standards are maintained. We work with multiple partners across the world to enforce this, regardless of where the garments are destined.

Some of the partners that we work with:

Bravado Giving Back

There is a natural connection between what we do at Bravado Designs and these Community leaders that we have chosen to collaborate with. These partnerships are working to break down barriers and ensure women, particularly mothers, have access the goods they need to thrive.

To date we have donated approx. 1200 units.

To date we have donated just over 20,000 units.

We are the official sponsor for undergarments, providing our Everyday Bra styles and underwear to clients upon arrival at the boutique for their consultation and styling appointment.