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How My Husband Contributes To My Breastfeeding Success

I’m not going to lie: breastfeeding can sometimes feel demanding. Not surprisingly, breastfeeding often soothes the baby when he’s crying so the first instinct of many people (including my husband) is to hand Max to me for comfort. In fact, one of my closest friends (who happens to be breastfeeding 8 month old twin boys!) and I often joke that if a baby cries, our husbands automatically say, “I think he’s hungry” while handing him over. Never mind if he’s nursed minutes prior. Despite my teasing him about this habit, my husband is truly a partner in my breastfeeding success.

I’ve always been committed to nursing my babies and long before my first child was born, my husband and I talked about it frequently.There was never a question that the plan for our kids was to breastfeed. I think it certainly helped that my mother-in-law nursed her children so he was familiar and comfortable with it. And, let’s be real, I think that he liked the idea that nursing is “free”.

Aside from the logistical help of caring for the older kids while I’m settled on the couch feeding Max or handing me a nursing pillow when I want extra support, my husband provides emotional support. Like I said, breastfeeding can sometimes feel demanding and even isolating, so his words of encouragement mean a lot.

While my husband sometimes says he would take a turn breastfeeding if he could, we all know that’s not how it works. It’s my job as Max’s mom to give him the best nourishment I can and my husband knows it’s his job to help make that as easy for me as possible.