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Creating Your Nursing Nook

I have three children and I proudly breastfeed each for over nine months. To say that I spent intimate time with my beloved nursing pillow, Bravado bras and Medela pump is an understatement. I absolutely loved the sweet bonding time nursing allowed me to share with my children and I will always look back on those days fondly. But let’s get practical. Nursing takes on a life of its own which is why your nursing area is so important. I mean, if you are going to plop down for 45 minutes, unable to fully multi-task like any modern mom is accustomed, your nursing domain should be practical, organized and stylish.

It’s all about comfort. If there is one item to splurge on in the nursery, it’s the glider. You will use a comfortable chair during the breastfeeding days and beyond. Whether you choose a glider, rocker or stationary chair, one that is well-made in a soft, stain resistant fabric that supports your entire body will work best.  After the nursing phase has passed the chair will become a cozy spot for mom and baby to read and play together. Don’t forget about a place to rest your feet, like a small ottoman or pouf.

Set the mood. Make sure your designated breastfeeding area is clutter-free, clean and ready for you and baby. When I was home, I preferred to breastfeed in the nursery because it was a familiar and peaceful spot. Keep a basket next to the glider to store magazines, books or a notebook so you can squeeze in a little mommy time with ease. With nighttime nursing your environment should maintain a calm and quiet mood. The lighting is particularly important. By using a nightlight or low wattage lamp baby will stay in sleep mode. A digital clock with backlighting should be set up in a prominent spot so you can keep track of baby’s schedule.  

Organize your gear. If you have a small nightstand or side table next to your nursing chair it is a good spot for handy items like water, wipes, washcloth, support pillow and a clock. You might also want to access your phone, iPad or notebook. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish during those infant nursing sessions if you have all your tools accessible. Once baby is latched, moving can get tricky.

Having a baby can be stressful; don’t let your nursing nook add to it. Plan ahead, stay organized and choose practical yet stylish pieces to make breastfeeding easy and relaxing.