Nursing Bras and Tanks Tested and Approved by Moms

About Bravado Designs Test Wear Program

At Bravado, we’ve always been passionate about design. Each Bravado Designs nursing product takes into account endless details for the perfect fit. By the time you slip into one of our nursing bras, tanks or camisoles, it’s gone through its paces as part of our unique Test Wear Program. Every year we invite hundreds of moms, who range in body type and breast size from B to M cups, to help us perfect our designs, based on real-life around-the-clock use. So whether we’re designing new styles or continually improving our existing products, we depend on the feedback of our test wearers to help us make our products comfortable and stylish.

Some of our Test Wear Moms!

From the beginning, we’ve worked hard to earn your trust and show just how truly different we are among nursing intimate apparel companies, and our Test Wear Program plays a big role in that. We work with pregnant women in their final month of pregnancy and nursing moms between two and eight months postpartum. We find this time is the most effective for us to test our garments, when the nursing pattern is well-established yet frequent and fluctuation due to engorgement has settled. In the past we have heard our program referred to as an opportunity to get a free bra, but this really isn’t the case. We gain so much valuable information through our Test Wear Program, and truly respect and value the moms who take time out of their already busy schedules to come in and work with us. Of course we recognize that there are indeed perks of participating in our program, but the mamas that participate really do ‘work’ for their take home product. And the end result is a product that is comfortable, stylish and functional for nursing women around the world.

We are proud of the fact that our Head Office is still located in the city where our story began, twenty some years ago. This means that right now our Test Wear Program runs exclusively out of our Toronto office. The reason for this is that our Design and Production teams are all based here. It’s really important for us to see our test wearers in person. We take very specific measurements that our staff has been trained on, and the feedback we require often comes from being in the room with a mom and listening to her experience of the garment. In addition to this, for consistency purposes, we often require our test wearers to return for multiple visits.

All of this means that unfortunately only those mamas who are located close to our head office can currently participate. However, if things change in the future and we expand to other areas, as a Bravado Mamas you will be the first to know! Until then rest assured that ‘the nursing mom next door’ has taken our products through their paces.

We wish you much success in your nursing journey and hope you enjoy your Bravado nursing bras and enjoy just how good you look and feel from the inside out- after all, comfort never looked so good.


Felicity Savage
Fit Program Specialist, Bravado Designs

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