What pregnant and breastfeeding moms really want in an active nursing bra

When it comes to finding an active nursing bra that’s simultaneously comfortable, stylish, anti-microbial and suitable for light activities, the process can seem near impossible.

At least, it used to feel that way. Thanks to the new Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra, the search for an all-in-one active nursing bra just got easier.

Combining fashion and function

Treating pregnant and breastfeeding moms to the best of both worlds, the Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra is designed to be the ideal option for light activities such as Pilates, yoga, walking, or simply keeping up with baby.

What’s more, it’s the perfect combination of fashion and function. Sporty and comfortable with criss-cross straps and a seamless, wire-free stretch to fit your ever-changing shape, the addition of Silverbreeze™ technology helps prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping you and your bra fresh-smelling all day.

What did over 600 pregnant and breastfeeding moms have to say?

After surveying over 600 North American pregnant and breastfeeding moms, 16 per cent cited lingering smells following physical activity as one of their biggest issues with their current bra. Other bra-related woes: 38 per cent found ill-fitting bras a hassle, 26 per cent didn’t liked that their bra wasn’t able to mold to their body’s changing shape, and 20 per cent felt their current bra made their breasts feel too compressed.

Another finding from our survey was that the vast majority said comfort was their #1 consideration when choosing a bra for working out, yet nearly half of all participants noted that their current bra was just “so-so”, whether due to improper fit, bland bra style or lack of comfort. And 56 per cent of our participants said it is/was important to stay active while pregnant, 55 per cent said it is/was important for them to stay in shape post-pregnancy, and 77 per cent felt it extremely important to wear a comfortable nursing bra during light activities of their choice.

Comfort is Key

Whether downward dogging, taking a few laps around the neighbourhood or on daily baby watch, our participants agree that wearing a well-fitting and breathable bra is paramount. The main reasons? To help them feel secure during workouts, and to boost their body confidence in the process.